Oscillation: Between Korea and the United States

2019. 08. 26
2018. 06. 21 - 2018. 09. 16
Gallery1-4, Core Gallery, Square

As its third exhibition for the year 2018, the Museum of Art, Seoul National University will hold the exhibition . Celebrating the 60th year of international art exchange exhibitions between Seoul National University and University of Minnesota, this exhibition will focus on exchanges between Korean artists and US art activities. This will indeed concentrate on how Korean artists accepted American art by experiments of unfamiliar media and various materials in their own matters.

Media: 60 works including paintings, photos and sculptures
Artists: JEON Sung-Woo, LIM Choong-Suk, CHOI Wook-Kyung. NOH Sang-Kyun, MA Jong-Ill, KIM Jin-A, KANG Yeong-Min, HAN Kyung-Woo.