Seeing Time

2020. 02. 03
2019. 12. 26 - 2020. 03. 12
Gallery1-4, Core Gallery

In the area of contemporary art, expanded thinking and methods of expression resulting from changed concepts and media development have triggered new interest in “the aspect of time” in visual art. Artists record invisible “time” in diverse ways. These diverse methods of expression, taking off from the desire to freeze a specific or impressive moment, to capture the flow of time through works of art, and to reveal aspects of time through works based on physical practice, serve as integrated examples of how we look at and experience time today, and furthermore, how our perceptions of art have changed.
Seeing Time focuses on the works of 17 artists endeavoring to visualize the diverse methods of experiencing and expressing time. Each of them sees time and challenges it in unique ways. Their challenges express the will to reveal the essence of the world we live in, and our lives as they are, and to leave our traces.
We hope this exhibition will provide new insights into time, which is our past, present and future, and bring deeper awareness of our lives as they proceed within time.

Media: Around 80 works including paintings and installations.
Artists: Bae Namkyung, Bae Sookyung, Chun Changhwan, Hong Heeryung, Jung Jaeho, Kim Taeheon, Koo Bohnchang, Lee Changhoon, Lee Kakyoung, Lee Manna, Li Hyunwoo, Lim Yoonkyung, Lim Yoonsoo, Noh Kyounghee, Park Seungwon, Sung Nak-in, Roman Opalka