Are You Depressed?

2020. 10. 28
2020. 05. 08 - 2020. 06. 21
Gallery-4, Core Gallery

Depression has been called a disease of this era. The exhibition Are You Depressed? sees depression not simply in its emotional dimension, but as the manifestation of a critical mind, as something that can suggest a will for reform, and thereby become the start of a movement toward something new, attempting to bring change to the anger-filled society, searching for ways to overcome depression by examining its causes.
The exhibition reveals both individual depression and the depression of the times. Some artists' portray depression as caused by very personal factors, while others address the anguish brought by the negative aspects of this era. Though the visual sense of depression in the exhibition may cause fatigue for some spectators, we believe that such expressions can spark movement for the beginning of a better life, and can raise hopes for the transformation of discomfort into new power for the enhancement of life.
We invite you also to take part in these attempts for change.

Media: Around 100 works including paintings and sculptures
Artists: Kim Jungwook, Na Sumin, Nho Wonhee, Moon Jiyoung, Park Miwha, Bae Hyung Kyung, An Gyungsu, Lee Jaeheon, Jeong Deokhyeon, Jeong Chul Kyo, Jo Wondeuk, Chun Sung-Myung