Seeking passage of Art upon Pandemic- Art Work

2020. 10. 28
2020. 07. 07 - 2020. 09. 20

What is work to an artist? What makes the artist‘s work different from other types of work? The exhibition started off with this question. At the same time, the pandemic now sweeping the globe is urging us to look more carefully at this theme and to recognize it as something special, because it is not the idea but the physical body that suffers from the COVID-19 virus. The 14 artists featured in this exhibition have had to engage in fierce combat with the world they faced, amidst their different experiences related to that world. What they have in common is that their attitudes resulting from their experiences in the world, and the consequent properties of their artworks, have slowed down or complicated their taking advantage of contemporary trends, or being able to call themselves heroes. Yet it was this slowness or delay that enabled them to remain as art workers, and equipped them with the qualifications to be part of the memories of the next generation and century. Their stories include sufficient universal aspects worthy of becoming the new international art canon of the post-COVID-19 era. We hope this exhibition will serve as an opportunity for careful reconsideration of the relationship between the artist and the work.

Media: Around 80 works including paintings and sculptures
Artists: Ahn Changhong, Chang Ucchin, Cho Sungmook, Choi Sangchul, Gu Bonju, Hong Soun, Hwang Jaihyoung, Kim Myungsook, Kim Seungyoung, Kim Tschangyeul, Lee Ungno, Lee Jinwoo, Na Haesuck, Oh Gwiwon