Art and Labor

2019. 08. 26
2018. 12. 04 - 2019. 01. 06
Core Gallery

Art and labor―these two have different measures. Moreover, labor for the sake of art is considered differently from other types of labor in general. Here, various contradictory positions exist, such as issues of value, capital, creativity and compensation. The exhibition Art and Labor connects the two concepts of “art” and “labor,” which at first glance seem not to belong together. Through the tensions and contradictions occurring between the two, the exhibition served as an opportunity to view issues related to the value of labor, contact points and limitations concerning art and labor, and art as labor, from diverse angles.

Media: 6 installation works
Artists: Seo Hae-young, Lee Chunghyung, Lee Joon-hyung, Lim Gayoung