Minimal Variation

2019. 08. 26
2018. 10. 04 - 2018. 11. 28
Gallery1-4, Core Gallery

Minimalism in art puts highest priority on formativeness. It is the very way of simple and concise expressions by minimalizing elements of expression, and it is the style approaching refined innocence, essence, origins – dignity. The upcoming exhibition of the Museum of Art, Seoul National University will show the audience the collection of current minimalism works. At the first part of it, works of artists who descend tradition of past minimalism and show their current formative concerns in their art will be on display. At the second part of the exhibition, works of artists who concern social contexts and meanings of minimal formativeness in our daily lives, or who try to reconstruct our complicated questions of reality through simplicity of minimal will be introduced.

Artists: KIM Yi-Soo, PARK Nam-Sa, OH Wan-Suk, LEE Eun-Woo, LEE Jung-Sub, JANG Jae-Chul, JANG Joon-Suk, JUNG Eun-Joo, CHOI Go-Eun, CHOI Eun-Hye, PYEON Dae-Sik.