Seoul National University Museum of Art New Acquisitions 2019

2020. 01. 09
2019. 12. 06 - 2019. 12. 22
Core Gallery

Seoul National University Museum of Art has collected works by artists who represent a slice of Korean contemporary art through their unique perspectives, new attempts and exuberant character. This exhibition, for the most part, presents works that were acquired in 2019. The young artists who made them have actively cultivated their distinct originalities.
Through these new acquisitions, Seoul National University Museum of Art expresses its support for the efforts and infinite possibilities of these artists, who have carried on their work freely, without set limits. We look forward to establishing a meaningful partnership with them.

Media: Around 20 works including paintings and sculpture.
Artists: Kim Du Jin, Kim In Young, Noh Kyoung Hee, Bae Nam Kyung, Shin Hyun Jung, Jang Gyoodon, Jung Sungyoon, Chun Changhwan, Choi Youngbin