Kwon Hoon Chill: One Fine Morning

2020. 10. 28
2020. 07. 07 - 2020. 09. 20
Core Gallery, Gallery1

Kwon Hoon Chill (1948-2004) constructed a unique world of art while living the life of a recluse. His attitude—quietly walking along his own path rather than trying to build a career—and his works—the outcome of his attitude and his endless research—are deeply moving to appreciators. This exhibition is an attempt to explore the artist’s legacy and to reestablish its significance.
The exhibition focuses particularly on Kwon’s landscapes. The artist, who had demonstrated great potential, receiving the Prime Minister’s Award (1976) and the Award of the Minister of Culture and Information (1979) at the National Art Exhibition, became well known for his abstract paintings with evenly balanced beauty and subtle experimentations of materiality. But in addition to such expressions of conceptual order through abstraction, Kwon also sought enlightenment in his experiences with nature, and thus created many simple but elegant landscape paintings. His picture-planes, filled with light and delicate representation of nature, reveal his process of exploration, trying to reach understanding of the world by getting closer to his subjects.
We hope this exhibition will be an opportunity for us to share with a wider range of people the meaningful questions posed by Kwon Hoon Chill’s landscape paintings.

Media: Around 50 works including paintings and drawings
Artist: Kwon Hoon Chill